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What am I reading now/next?
The Dying Earth Collection by Jack Vance
Viruses, Plagues and History by Michael Oldstone

What am I waiting for?
Harry Potter #5, Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling
Game of Thrones #4, A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin

What am I waiting for at the library?
Q by Sue Grafton
Lemon Merangue Pie Murders by Joanna Fluke
Joust by Mercedes Lackey
Mad Cowboy by ?? Lyman (science)

Book and author lists (in progress)
Popular Epidemiology (non-fiction)
Favorite children's sci-fi
Favorite children's books
Medical sci-fi and thrillers
Popular natural history
General Sci-Fi
Cooking Mystery
General Mystery

Popular Epidemiology (non-fiction)

Favorite children's sci-fi
Favorite children's books
Medical sci-fi and thrillers

  • The Cobra Event by Richard Preston - New York is attacked by a genetically engineered bioweapon. Contains good science. Scary.
  • Mutant by Peter Clement - Terrorists create genetically engineered plagues to attack the US. The book raises some very interesting questions about the propigation of man-made vectors in the environment.
  • Vector by Robin Cook - A Russian emigre grows weaponized anthrax in his basement and teams up with Right-wing radicals to terrorize New York. See also Robin Cook's other epidemiological thrillers, Outbreak and Contagion.

Popular natural history
   Edwin Way Teale
   John McPhee
   Henry David Thoreau *
   Ralph Waldo Emerson *
*Yes, these gentlemen are more often considered to be philosophers, rather than natural historians. However, you cannot truly observe the natural world and not become something of a philosopher or poet..... Farmers, cowboys, geologists, astronauts, mothers, and more, work hand in hand with the Earth and it's seasons, and become wise.

General Sci-Fi

Cooking Mystery

  • Diane Mott Davidson's delightful stories of caterer Goldy Bear's struggles as a single mother trying to raise her son and run her business in the midst of murder of all sorts. Many recipes included!(Catering to Nobody, Dying for Chocolate, Chopping Spree, etc.)
  • Joanne Fluke's tales of the cookie-store-owning, crime-solving Hannah Swensen, who solves murders while baking cookies for the town and dealing with her bossy mother and sister. Includes recipes! (Blueberry Muffin Murder, Strawberry Shortcake Murder, Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder, Lemon Meringue Pie Murder)
  • Nancy Fairbank's stories tell of a middle-aged resturant reviewer and her quirky scientist husband who find themselves all too often in the middle of crime and murder.(Crime Brulee, Truffled Feathers, Death a L'Orange, Chocolate Quake )
  • Claudia Bishop's Hemlock Falls mystery series chronicles the death and mayhem sisters Meg and Quill encounter while running a small in in the country. (Just Desserts, A Taste for Murder, A Pinch of Poison, etc.)
  • Joanne Pence's stories of cook Angie Amalfi and her encounters with crime. I don't find this series as entertaining as the other's I've listed here, though. Recipes included. (Cooks Overboard, etc.)
  • Second Thyme Around by Katie Fforde - Actually, this is more of a romance than a mystery.

General Mystery

  • Sue Grafton's alphabetical series featuring the pragmatic and self-sufficient private investigator, Kinsey Millhone. (A is for Alibi, B is for Burglar, C is for Corpse, up to Q is for Quarry)
  • Nevada Barr's Anna Pigeon mysteries, set in various national parks. A must read for mystery-loving nature buffs. (Ill Wind, Blind Descent, Flashback, etc.)
  • Robin Paige's Victorian era mystery series is a great deal of fun to read. They touch on the emergence of true criminal science and the forensic technologies we take for granted today. Plus, Kate and Charles are fun protagonists. (Death at Bishop's Keep, Death at Gallows Green, etc.)
  • Nora Roberts, writing as J.D. Robb, writes stories of Eve, a futuristic cop and her roguish (Batman-like) lover, Roarke, who untangle murder and their own dark pasts. Although Roberts is better known for her romances, I like this mystery series quite well. (Vengeance in Death, Naked in Death, Glory in Death, etc.)
  • Elizabeth Peter's stories all focus around archeological themes. She has standalone works, as well as a series following the dangerous ancounters of Egyptologist Amelia Peabody and her family. (Lord of the Silent, The Dead Sea Cipher, etc.)
  • James Doss's mystery series centers around an American Indian police chief, Charlie Moon, and his rather unusual (and very quirky) grandmother. (The Night Visitor, Grandmother Spider, etc.)

Romance - Should I admit to reading these?? :)

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