Diamonds are a girl's best friend....

My love of gems and jewelry grew out of my love for geology, rocks and minerals. It was probably also helped along my my penchant for fairy-tales, which so often include golden apples, moonstones, magic rings and the like!

There's so much to enjoy about gems and jewelry. I have taken lapidary classes, so I can take a rough hunk of rock and saw, grind, and polish it down to a lovely gem. I've taken wire-wrapping classes, so I can take silver wire and gems and turn them into jewelry. I've scoured garage sales for cheap costume jewelry and the rare actual treasure - the gaudier the better! And I've bought simple trinkets, rings, necklaces, and bracelets in silver and semi-precious stones from rock shows for low, low prices.

Eventually, this site will have a functional online store where you can purchase such things from me. But not quite yet! In the meantime, you, too, could make your own gemstones, fashion jewelry, and find great bargains for lovely things!

Resources, stores and photos
The Lapidary Journal - a magazine for the gem, mineral and jewelry craftsman.
Bead & Button - a beading magazine
The Wire Artist - a magazine for wire-wrapping
FireMountain Gems - an online store with beading and jewelry supplies.
Rio Grande - an online store for jewelry supplies and tools.
Earth Gems - some examples of pretty wire-wrapped jewelry

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