The Ruse Ranch Stable

Here's the stable! Meet the gang: *
Sony * Smoke * General * Wager * Treasure

Sony is a 19 year old Tennesse Walking horse (unregistered, but full blooded). He had a hard life before coming to live with us, but has now found a good home! He's amazing with children - very patient and calm. Nothing phases this guy! But put an adult on his back, and *watch out*!! He can be quite a mover with the right rider. And on the trail, he hates to be behind anyone. And in the pasture, he's a real grouch
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Smoke aka. Ebony Mountain Man
Smoke is mom's favorite!
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General aka. General's Bad Boy
General is just a horse...
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Wager aka. Wagerette
Wager is just a horse...
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Treasure aka. Betsy aka. Pusher's Best Bet
Treasure is Ruse Ranch's first foal, but she's all grown up now!
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