The many faces of Eve

In Progress

Blah blah about me.

Other people have a family tree; I have a family thicket! But, they are all dear to my heart, and I love them very much. Not sure how much they want about them in here, so I won't say much at all.

I have some. What shall I say about them??

Want to learn more about Eve?
My resume.
What I say about myself in an on-line dating profile.
I keep an on-line diary at LiveJournal. I'm afraid I don't write in it as often as I might...
And here are even some pictures of me.

Pictures of recent fun
Aug 2002 pics
2002 Rites of Spring pics
June 2001 pics
May 2001 pics
Things I like
   Cooking and baking
   Rockhunting and geology
   Minerals, gems and jewelry
   Diseases and epidemics
   Role-playing games

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